Helping organisations create and sustain environments where everyone can reach their human potential

We are a Human Inclusion Consultancy that transforms organisational culture by elevating inclusion.

The power of inclusion

People thrive in workplaces where they feel respected and valued

High engagement unlocks growth that benefits both people and profits.

people are


more effective ¹

people are


less likely to leave ¹

business units are


more profitable ²

¹ Deloitte

² Gallup

our consultancy services

Our first step with new clients is to help them distinguish between an inclusion strategy and diversity management

Prioritising the 'why' over the 'how', we provide a purpose-driven human inclusion consulting service.

our impact in numbers

How we create change

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years of experience

Working with clients on workplace inclusion

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Working with multinational clients in different countries

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Our client portfolio covers at least twelve industry sectors

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Online and live workshop sessions with clients

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Helping to shape the culture of some of the most established brands

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We have impacted over 8.5k leaders globally and their company’s culture


We partner with our clients to create efficient, compassionate and engaged working environments, through fostering Human Inclusion


We deliver a unique data-informed approach to tackle the implicit biases and systemic inequities within organisations.

We facilitate the growth of individuals in mastering essential skills for crafting meaningful human experiences.


We enhance Inclusion Literacy for everyone to ensure we all thrive.


What is human inclusion?

In the workplace, human inclusion is a combination of psychological safety and compassionate effiency built on a foundation of mutual trust.

Human inclusion fosters enhanced collaboration and improved performance by ensuring every employee feels valued, respected, engaged and empowered to contribute.

They are a consultancy company that supports organisations on their way to a more inclusive culture from top to bottom - from a leadership level through all employees. They tailor the solution we need instead of just taking something off the shelf.
Sangita Clarke
Our methodology

Transition from intentions to actions to transform your organisational culture


Understanding your ambition and what your data says. Identifying and articulating your why, what and how.


Mapping your organisational readiness and creating an Inclusion Action Plan. Moving good intention into sustainable actions.


Impact people in the organisation. Embedding a sustainable culture of inclusion.

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